My process of watercolor painting.

Many people are asking me about my process of painting so here is how I work. I hope you’ll have fun with it ;)

Before talking about the real process of creating my art I’d like to talk a little bit about the materials I mostly use. I use three types of Watercolors: Ecoline watercolor ink, Tubes of water color and the third type is dry color (Leningrad water color).

The next important thing is the paper I use which is mainly of two types. The first is cold pressed watercolor paper which has the advantage of letting the colors look deep and vivid but is difficult to use for really accurate work. The second is hot pressed watercolor paper which allows me to be more accurate but make the colors look more transparent and less deep which makes it ideal for the use of a rapidograph.

At first I start painting by doing a sketch drawing of my motif with pencils. Then I continue by filling the drawing by using the Ecoline watercolor ink. This is the colour I use the most because of its clear and vivid quality.

In my personal process of work it’s important for me to leave the eyes blank. That is a trick I use because if the painting is already to my liking without them I can be sure it is worth finishing it.

To add the patterns and ornaments I take a fine brush, the color from the tubes and the dry one. For white color I use white gouache. Sometimes it produces great effects to mix Ecoline and Tubes water color. It will result in a very bright and dense color. (But it is good only for creating patterns, not for filling surfaces).

There is one thing I avoid at any circumstances: Never Mix your liquid Ecoline watercolor Ink with gouache because this will cause a catastrophic, inhomogeneous multi colored mass that is no good for anything.

So much for my working process.


Hi guys.

I want to share a collaboration work with amazing artist Kris Tate. It was made few months ago and published on Society6. The work is composed of two different vibrant styles which create extraordinary visual output. The process started from initial drawing of girl holding a deer and then lovely Kris filled the artwork with patterns.